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Saltwater Fish Tanks – Ease Of Keeping Saltwater Fish At...

Having a collection of striking fish in your living room that are normally only found in the ocean provides serenity and is a great attraction for family and friends visiting your home...

Cleaning Your Fish Tank

One of the nicest additions to any home is a fish tank. A fish tank creates a colourful, relaxing ambience and they come in a huge range of sizes to suit virtually any setting.

Fish Make The Greatest Pets

Aren't the children always begging for a pet or another pet? You don't want a cat? there's that whole litter box thing. You don't want to train a puppy, plus what about when you want to go away...

Best Pet Picks for Kids

Pets are great for kids and every child should have a pet at some point in their childhood. Not only do they make great friends but they also teach a child life lessons of care and responsibility.

How To Choose A Pet That's Right For You And Your Family

What size of pet do you have room for? Keep in mind when choosing a pet that small puppies and kittens grow into larger animals who take up more room.

Bat Ejection Techniques ? Country Survival Course #27

People lie! They lie about the bliss of rural relocation. They lie about the size of fish they catch. They lie about being there for you. But, mostly, they lie about bats!

Pets for Christmas

In general, pets as Christmas presents are a very bad idea. Both for the pet, and for the person receiving the pet.

Photographing Your Cat with Close-Up Techniques

Other than photographing our kids, there's probably nothing we enjoy photographing more than our pets – in my case my two Ragdoll cats.

Pugs - Those Sweet Little Puppies who Actually are Dogs

Pug is the tiny dog that's almost like a toy. It got noticed in the 19th century. It is 11 inches tall and has a weight ofabout 18 lbs.

Rabbit Temperament - An Interview With the Experts

Quick Summary: Temperament is an important part of the personality of a rabbit. In fact it's the temperament of the holland lop that makes them so enjoyable.

Protect Your Cat With Vaccinations

If you want to enjoy the companionship of a healthy and happy cat, one of the most important things you can do is to safeguard its health.

Overview Of Different Breeds Of Dogs

There are over a hundred registered breeds of dogs. Recognizing the type of the dog is basically associated with its breed.

Milk Goats - Know Thy Enemy

Patience may be a virtue, but laughter is the only way to survive goat milking. You can strive for the perfect fencing. You must aim for good nutrition. But, don't kid yourself.

Need A Little Help With Your Health? Get A Dog!

Dogs are considered man's best friend. But did you know that having a dog gives you several heath benefits?

Training Your German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog truly is a wonderful animal and not only do they make good working dogs, they also make superb family pets.

Your Kids Want A Pet - You Don't Want To Pet Anything

"Mom, can we get a puppy?" Who hasn't heard that line before? The kids think it's time for an addition to the family, but you know you don't have time for a family pet.

The Right Breeder

Dogs are considered as man's best friend. Deciding to own one whether it is big or small involves a lot of responsibility.

The Domesticated Alpaca

One mammal reared mainly for their wool is the Alpaca. Alpacas are a domesticated mammal that's derived from thefamily of camels. Genetics has determined that Alpacas aredescendants of Vicunas.

Does Your Pet Dog Suffer From Heartworms?

Dog heartworm is a common disease among canines in the United States. Discovered in 1856, the worms mainly live in your dog's heart and major blood vessels.

Adopting A Dog – Puppy Or Adult?

Everyone is surely going to get excited when trying to adopt a dog. Truly a man's best friend, you can rely on your pet dog in giving you company, cuddling up together and some can even guard your house.

Chicken Rearing 101 - How Not to Raise Chickens

Chick: A hatchling. Capon: A castrated male used for meat(How much could that yield?). Pullet: A female chicken under one year old. Hen: A female chicken over one year of age.

Getting Ready For Your Pet Bunny Rabbit

Children are naturally innately drawn to cute, cuddle-y little creatures, and they will probably want to pick up, stroke and play with your new pet rabbit.

Dolphin Swim Seminars

Dolphins love to be in bliss. They have a wonderful capacity for sweeping peoples' hearts into places of newly experienced joy. I thought I was a person who felt a lot of joy all my life.

Alpaca: All about Alpacas

Raising Alpacas: A dedicated section to raising and breeding alpacas.

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