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How To Choose A Pet That's Right For You And Your Family

How To Choose A Pet That's Right For You And Your Family
By: Angela Miller

What size of pet do you have room for? Keep in mind when choosing a pet that small puppies and kittens grow into larger animals who take up more room. If you choose a larger breed keep in mind that a 10lb. puppy could blossom into a 100lb. dog some day.

How much time will you have to spend with your pet? If you and your family are on the go a lot you may want to consider a pet that is less demanding. Busy families may want to consider a pet such as a gold fish or hamster who require less time and attention than a cat or dog. Keep in mind gold fish and hamsters do require time and attention, perhaps just less than other animals.

What kind of pet do you want? Are you looking for a specific type of animal? Do you prefer cats over dogs? Is there a certain breed you are looking for? Be sure to choose one that you prefer. Having a pet is a big responsibility.

Does anyone in your family have any allergies to animals? If someone in your family has a known allergy to an animal you will want to avoid choosing that particular animal as a pet. Observe your children with other animals before getting a pet of your own to be certain your children don't have allergies to animals that you were unaware of.

What kind of pets are good with children? If you have children you will want to consider what type/breed of animal is best suited for families with children. Do some research. Find out each breeds temperament, investigate behaviors, etc.

What kind of special equipment will your pet require? When choosing a pet its useful to also consider the type of equipment they will require such as litter boxes, cages, etc. You want to not only be able to accommodate the pet, but its equipment as well.

How much can you afford to spend on a pet? This not only applies to the initial expense of acquiring your pet but also to food and maintenance for your pet. Keep in mind that some pets require frequent litter changes, special foods, vaccinations, etc. Remember that your local human society is a great, inexpensive place to look for a new pet who is in need of a loving home.

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility. Once you have chosen the pet that is best suited for you and your family,  be sure to give it the time and attention it needs and be a responsible pet owner. When adopting cats and dogs be sure to have your pets spayed or neutered.

This article was posted on November 10, 2005
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