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Dolphin Swim Seminars

Dolphin Swim Seminars
By: Dr. Laurie Moore

Dolphins love to be in bliss. they have a wonderful capacity for sweeping peoples' hearts into places of newly experienced joy. I thought I was a person who felt a lot of joy all my life. However, once I experienced being befriended by dolphins, bliss took on a whole new meaning. From my encounters with dolphins I have learned that the deepest joy can fill me from the tip of my toes to the top of my head and deep in my heart. This kind of joy is unconditional. It is something I bring to situations rather than something I try to receive from situations.

Here's an analogy. If you don't give yourself water for a long time and then wring out a towel day after day in search of water, you get little. If you drink big cups each day, your body feels hydrated and full of water all the time. So you don't need to drain your water form a source that is dry. Often happiness that is pulled form situations and circumstances is quick to come and go. Happiness that is alive in the center of our heart can be a consistent source of fulfillment. The dolphins have an ability to remember this happiness at any time and can teach you how. It is your nature to be eternally happy and you may have forgotten. The dolphins can guide you back to this ability.

A dolphin does not teach through an intellectual conversation. Dolphins send out energetic messages of joy that people feel. To prepare yourself to receive, take a few moments in silence each day. Focus on your heart and ask that it be an open vehicle for the deep joy available. Some of you will feel the joy immediately and recognize that the greatest joy does come from within.

If you do not feel this joy, here is another approach. We all learn differently so try this way instead. Think about a time during which you were very happy. Send a message of gratitude from your heart out into the world about that time. Notice how you feel now. Notice that you are feeling happy because of your focus rather than any current circumstances. gratitude and focus creates joy.

One of my groups greeted the dolphins with great enthusiasm and many expectations about the interactions they would have. They chased the dolphins. The dolphins swam away. If you wanted to make a human friend would run down the street, chase him or her and expect that person do do as you imagined? I don't know anyone who wants to be aggressively chased. I asked the group to practice communicating with a horse on land that afternoon. Once, again the group began to chase, opening the horse's gate and going after the horse when the horse clearly wished to eat in peace. I asked the group to leave the horse alone and redirect their attention. I suggested that the group focus on their hearts and on enjoying each other. They did. They became happy and Decor the horse approached them lovingly.

When I asked the group to practice their communication skills with the horse, one woman began to tell Decor a long story and Decor bobbed his head and snorted,. The story was being told from the head. I asked the woman to be present with her heart, and simply tell Decor what her story of now was. She realized her story of now was simple: "I feel gratitude." As she spoke form her heart to Decor's, Decor came to kiss her.

Back out in the water with the dolphins the next day these people had a new approach. Instead of chasing they formed a circle with each other and began to sing. The dolphins greeted us within seconds of our departure from land. This is very rare. Bliss fountained through and around us.

In sum, learning what the dolphins can share is very simple. It requires a willingness to be present in your own heart. From there, all kinds of wonderful experiences can happen.

This article was posted on December 08, 2005
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