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Saltwater Fish Tanks – Ease Of Keeping Saltwater Fish At Home

Saltwater Fish Tanks – Ease Of Keeping Saltwater Fish At Home
By: Ashley Barnard

Having a collection of striking fish in your living room that are normally only found in the ocean provides serenity and is a great attraction for family and friends visiting your home. Although it may seem difficult to maintain or expensive to setup, having saltwater fish differs little from a normal tank.

One of the first steps in having a saltwater fish tank in your home is a review of your finances to determine that you have enough money to start and maintain your tank. Approximate start-up costs for a saltwater fish tank are around $500 (USD), which doesn't include the cost of fish or the upkeep.

The next step is to determine where your tank is going to be located and what type and size of tank you are going to purchase. Some tanks are small enough to sit on a table, while others come with their own stands. Particularly large tanks may require structural support so that the floor can bear the additional weight. When choosing the location for your tank, keep in mind its accessibility in regards to cleaning and maintenance. You must also select whether to have a glass or acrylic tank. Glass is easier to clean, but you can drill holes in acrylic tanks that allow filtration to occur out of sight underneath the tank.

After purchasing your tank you must buy other needed equipment such as a filter, air pump, and heater. You also need to choose a bed for the tank and a saltwater mixture which will create the best conditions for your fish.

Once you have purchased all your items except your fish, assemble your tank and test it out to make sure it runs properly. Once you're certain it works okay, continue to let cycle, making adjustments to get the tank to its optimal level for the fish you are going to purchase. Once this is done, it's time to take a trip to select your fish. The ocean, where saltwater fish live, is the largest of all the water bodies. It's home to millions of species — playful, colourful, savage and awe inspiring, and many of these varieties are appropriate and available for saltwater tanks. When you bring your fish home, keep the fish in the bag and place it in the tank. This will allow the fish to adjust to the temperature in your tank. After a few hours, add one-fourth cup of tank water to the bag to let the fish adjust slowly to the water, and within an hour, repeat this step four times. After that you can put the fish directly into the tank or hold it in a quarantine tank for a few days or weeks until you certain it is healthy and able to thrive in your tank water. This is highly recommended if you are adding this fish to a tank already housing other fish, as one sick fish can kill all the others in your tank.

Having a saltwater fish tank not only adds beauty but is also quite easy to do. Once you have purchased all your equipment, tested it out, bought your fish and attuned it to your tank, it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ease of keeping saltwater fish in your home and what they add to it.

This article was posted on November 19, 2005
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